Is home brewing legal in Singapore?

The short answer is yes. A licence isn’t even required.

However, according to Singapore Customs, the agency governing this aspect of the law in Singapore, there are some rules. It’s perfectly legal to home brew beer (whether lagers, ales, stouts, or any other beer) and to make other fermented beverages in your house, provided the below restrictions are adhered to.

They include:

  • You must be 18 years old and above
  • Only up to 30 litres of beer can be brewed in your household per month (the same goes for other fermented beverages)
  • The beer brewed must be for personal use only, not for sale or commercial purposes
  • The brewing must be done within your own home
  • The brewing must not degrade the environment or cause public nuisance

For personal consumption, these home brewing limits are definitely adequate. Other types of fermented beverages are allowed too, as far as we know, including everything from cider to mead, wine to kombucha as well. So feel free to brew away.

Just know that home distilling of any kind is not legal. Simply put, you need a licence to engage in distillation of any sort. This is perhaps due to the possible dangers of distilling in general, since alcohol vapors and open flames are often involved in proximity.

So as long as you keep to the above limitations, home brewing in Singapore is perfectly safe and legal.

Not sure if home brewing is for you? See our article on whether you should pick up home brewing or not. Or if you’re already convinced, find out where to get home brewing equipment in Singapore.

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