How to make a Boilermaker

The Boilermaker is not so much a cocktail, but rather, the whisky-and-beer version of a Soju Bomb or Jagerbomb. As you’d imagine, it simply consists of a shot of whisky and a half-filled glass of beer.

However, unlike its ‘bomb’ cousins, the tradition of drinking a Boilermaker doesn’t necessarily have to involve depth charging the entire shot glass into the beer glass. It’s as fancy or as crass as you want it, depending on the type of whisky and beer you choose to use. Here are three ways we know how to enjoy a Boilermaker.


  • 30ml whisky in shot glass
  • Half-pint of beer in pint glass

Directions (3 ways)

  1. Drop the shot glass of whisky into the beer glass, then chug
  2. Down the shot of whisky then chase with the beer
  3. Sip the whisky, sip the beer, repeat

Yields 1 drink

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