How to make a Gin and Tonic

The G&T is one of the easiest concoctions (alongside the Cuba Libre and Boilermaker) to put together. It’s literally made just using the two items in its name – gin and tonic – mixed together. Yet somehow, from this simple two-ingredient recipe, spawned countless variations enjoyed but everyone. The quality of the only components, the gin and the tonic, thus also massively affects how the final drink tastes. It is a drink that can get as complex as you want as well, given the simplicity of the base elements. Below, we show you how to make a classic Gin and Tonic, but feel free to experiment at home with whatever else you have.


  • 60ml gin
  • 120ml tonic water
  • Garnish: Lime wheel


  1. Fill highball glass with ice then add in the gin
  2. Pour tonic water into the glass then stir very gently to mix
  3. Garnish with one to two lime wheels

Yields 1 glass

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