Editorial Approach

Drinkaholics celebrates the joys of drinking at home. There’s nothing quite like pouring yourself a cold pint of beer, opening up a treasured bottle of sake or mixing up a lovely cocktail in the comforts of your own abode after a long day at work – especially since working from home has become so inherently part of the new normal.

We believe in the uniqueness of homemade beverages, not just in mixing, but also in things like homebrewing and infusions. Yet we also love alcohol brands, whether commercial or craft, as long as they share in the same conviction as us on quality and value.

We don’t believe that expensive is better. You just got to know how to look out for the qualities in a product that best suits your taste.

Being based in Singapore and donning a global lens, we offer a unique perspective not found in most alcohol content sites that often view things with a Western focus. This is important to us, as we find there isn’t enough coverage of alcohol and related products from other parts of the world including Asia and the Middle East.

We celebrate all forms of libations and see alcoholic beverages as a unifier of different cultures. Like a good cocktail, the sum is greater than its parts, and we can all better appreciate our world’s diversity. The less myopic we are, the better.

There is no need to be snobbish or condescending about alcohol knowledge nor is there a need to engage in alcohol elitism. Wines from Bordeaux, Napa Valley or Yamanashi are all meant to be enjoyed, whether natural, organic or not. Same with whisky or whiskey – the terroir may matter, but the semantics doesn’t.

There is no right and wrong when it comes to tasting. What one discerns as a note of fig and toffee, may mean the exact same thing as notes of plum and palm sugar. Smell and taste is subjective, and has a lot to do with what we grew up eating and drinking.

Everyone therefore has a unique perspective to offer. Drinkaholics strives to be an open-minded, unbiased source of that. And we know we can always do better.

We do display ads and offer affiliate links to products and services. There is however never an obligation for you to spend your money unless you really feel like doing so. We merely offer an easy way to access the suggested product we believe is best suited to the task.

The money helps keep the site running, and for us to spend on purchasing spirits, wines, beers, sakes, liqueurs, equipments and more, from the producers and makers we trust, love and wish to support.

We’re always happy to engage with our readers more. After all, our passion for all-things booze can only grow by being part of a bigger community.

So Contact us, or see our About, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service pages for more on what we are as a content site.